The Virtual fracture clinic model

Right Person, Right Place, Right time

The hand and wrist virtual fracture clinic is run by a multidisciplinary team who work together to provide timely and expert care for patients with hand injuries. Hand injuries are treated by orthopaedic surgeons, plastic surgeons and therapists. We have a number of senior surgical trainees as well as members of the team who provide administrative support.

Hand and wrist fractures can be difficult to treat. Problems can include pain, loss of function fractures healing in a poor position or permanent stiffness. It is important that the right treatment is started without unnecessary delays. The aim is to move the expert review and decision making forward closer to the time when the patient attends the emergency department in order to help this happen.

We aim to ensure that the patient sees the Right Person in the Right Place and at the Right Time

After attending the emergency department or urgent care centre, if the doctor or nurse treating you believes that you have suffered a fracture or serious injury to the hand or wrist then they will refer you to the orthopaedic fracture clinic. We will review all referrals with hand and wrist injuries within 72 hours in order to direct you to the right treatment without delay.

You will receive notification of this and the treatment you require by telephone, text message or email. If you have not suffered an injury then this service is not appropriate for you and you should consult your general practitioner to see if you need an appointment in the elective planned hand and wrist clinic or with another service.

If your injury is suitable for self-care then you do not need to attend the hospital. The patient information page provides links to useful patient information to offer advice and education to help you to manage your symptoms and to speed up your recovery. Symptoms from most sprains and strains usually settle after 2-3 weeks. You should consult your general practitioner if your symptoms last longer than this.

If your injury is suitable for early treatment by one of our specialist therapists then you will be notified of this by telephone, text message or email. You will hear directly from the hand therapy booking team to arrange an appointment within 7 days of your initial review. If you experience difficulties during the course of your therapy treatment then your therapist may ask that you see a surgeon also.

If further investigations are required or there is a possibility that you might require surgery then we will ask that you visit the hospital for an outpatient appointment in the fracture clinic . You will be directed to the most appropriate specialist clinic.

You can contact the virtual fracture clinic team in a number of ways


Telephone: 0203 3125990
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